How Compelling Storytelling Can Help You in Business and in Life

Once upon a time, a very lonnnng time ago, the only way to “get the message out” was traveling by foot, canoe, snow shoe, dog sled, etc. and telling the story ourselves. Our story-telling skills needed to be strong — we had no flash animation or synthesized sounds to enhance our performance — and the story itself needed to excite our listeners and especially tribal leaders, if we wanted to survive.

Today, as technology brings the world to us and us to the world, our story telling skills are on the decline. Think “text” message and you get the idea. Think “tweet,” and you’re definitely in the ballpark.

Confidence to stand in front of an audience, rather than behind an ipod in a corner some where, can be daunting.  Now, more than ever, we need to strengthen our story telling skills in every medium and in every way we communicate.

Think about it. Every time you speak to a friend, colleague, existing or potential client you are telling a story.

How about the story you tell that sells your product, service, or message? At the core of every type and size of communication is a … story! In every print, television or radio ad, website, direct mail piece and live event!

The power and immediacy of a strategically creative LIVE EVENT can generate incredible results…when you know how to emotionally compel your target audience to action with a powerful story.

I encourage you to give yourself the tools you need to not only survive, but thrive in our rapidly changing world. Learn and/or hone your story writing and presentation skills.

Download my blog post: What’s the Story? Tips on getting to the heart of it, and other posts you may find helpful.

The exciting news is: When you take that first step to strengthen your story writing/telling (communications skills), you will begin to feel more confident about yourself and your future. That will become part of your personal story…one which you will find great joy in telling!

Need marketing help?  Dynamic creative copy? Concepts that drive results?

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