Traditional and Social Media Marketing/Advertising

As Marketing & Advertising Consultant/Writer and Event Coordinator/Promoter, Jerelyn’s successes include live events, broadcast & print campaigns, social media marketing, and experiential brand marketing for organizations, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Among them:  Minden Subaru, Colourfest, Union Pacific Railroad, Sunrider Herbal, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, BMC Software, Kodak, Canadian tire, Bell, Royal Bank, Sun Alliance, Sysco, Sunoco, Haliburton BIA, New York New York and Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, among others.

Also, with years of experience as a seasoned on-camera and live Presenter, Voice Talent, and Writer, Jerelyn brings additional insight and skill to crafting and presenting brand messaging and campaigns.

Agency work includes: Jack Morton Worldwide, TBA Global, PGI, Carlson Marketing Group, Meloche, Encore Productions, Asterix Productions, among others.

Scope of work includes: Branding. Strategically creative Marketing and Social Media campaigns and content for: websites, blogs, Facebook, videos. Print ads, marketing materials, radio spots: (scripting, voicing, production), web/blog content, direct mail, speeches, articles, press releases. Live Events: Festivals, Sponsorship enlistment, Galas, Trade Shows, Conferences (theme, talent recruitment, scripting, speeches, videos), Product Launches, Experiential Brand Exhibits, (development to delivery and promotion).Volunteer Recruitment and Relationship-building.


And here are a few samples of print ads, direct mail, live events, proposals, trade show scripts, executive speeches.


“During the past several years I have had the pleasure of working with Jerelyn Craden on many successful Network TV and Corporate Communications projects. I stress the word successful because her contributions led directly to the success of those assignments.”

Vern Kennedy, Professor, Integrated Marketing Communications, Centennial College

Jerelyn hit the ground running and was an immediate asset to the team. She is a great concept person, has excellent communication skills and is an overall great team player.”

Christine Tong, Carlson Marketing Group (recently joined Pfizer, New York)

“Jerelyn assumed a position of leadership with the client very quickly.  It was clear to me that her talent and her professionalism would make this project a complete success, which it was.”

Ken Perry, Director, Business Development, Jack Morton Worldwide

“What impressed me most about Jerelyn was her infectious enthusiasm and skillful manner in explaining and selling strategies and ideas to others. She is strong, direct, and makes the business of the corporate communications and events business, inspiring and fun.”

Cynthia Marion, National Account Manager – National Cine Media (formerly Account Team Director, Jack Morton Worldwide)


Your leadership and coordination were outstanding. You can count on us to help out again next year.  Well done! — Larry & Margaret Dart, Colourfest 2011 Volunteers

Jerelyn, you did a fabulous job!!!  Sign us up for next year!Jack & Diane Jackson, Colourfest 2011 Volunteers.

The volunteer thank you dinner was very much appreciated and I heard many positive comments. I believe that we should continue with Colourfest as it brings more people into Haliburton which clearly benefits our business community and also helps with awareness for future cottagers and residents.Harvey Bates, Colourfest 2011 Volunteer


“Jerelyn’s writing workshops were very well received and her approach was sincere, intelligent, and fun. She is an outstanding teacher!” – Shelley King, Workshop Coordinator & Facilitator

“I cannot stress enough how enjoyable Jerelyn Craden’s screenwriting workshop was to myself and the group – months later it is still what we talk about – it will continue to be the method used to create a story. I hope that Jerelyn has the opportunity to share knowledge and love of screenwriting in the future. I for one, will be at every class.”

– Tammy Rea, Chair, Highlands Media Arts


As owner-operator of Bonnie View Inn – a landmark resort in Haliburton Highlands since 1924 – I knew that Jerelyn Craden was the right person to help us strengthen our brand and get us back on track during an economically challenging time. And I was right. We now have a thoroughly comprehensive creative marketing plan designed to build and sustain customer loyalty and set us apart from other lakeside resorts. This includes an inspiring tagline, endearing mascot, new logo, a working philosophy, strategically scheduled promotional campaign, onsite brand enhancements, and additional brand-tailored website content. Plus, working with Jerelyn was fun, fast, and exciting. — Andrea Hagarty, Owner & Operator, Bonnie View Inn, Haliburton Ontario

Contact Jerelyn Craden at


IBM — Multi-media trade show presentation at the Winter Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas.              

ROLE:  Creative Director/Writer/Director: concept, scripting, project-managed, directed live talent. RESULT:  The show’s popularity led to “Right at Home” representing IBM as their educational technology exhibit at the Presidential Inaugural in Washington, D.C.

(* Additional high tech and telecommunications clients include: Bell Canada, Hewlett-Packard, BMC Software, AMD.)

UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD (UPR) — Experiential brand exhibit presented at the Democratic and Republican national conventions. ROLE:  Creative Director & Writer:  Led the creative development and delivery of UPR’s brand story through all elements of the exhibit. Worked closely with the client. Project managed graphics, text, audio and visual elements, plus named the exhibit: “Delivering America’s Dreams.”  RESULT: Tremendous delegate response led to a cross-country tour of the exhibit.

SUNRIDER HERBAL — 3- day convention, ribbon cutting ceremony, pre-party and awards gala at the Pasadena Convention Centre. ROLE: Creative Director & Writer. RESULT: Attendees (distributors) from 24 countries shared the vision of one common pursuit.  Highly motivational, the conference, which included a dynamic cast of singers, dancers, musicians, gymnasts, video, presentations, sketches and speeches, received tremendous audience response.

COLOURFEST 2010, 2011 — Event Developer, Coordinator & Promoter. Branded festival. Created high-draw events.  Generated major sponsorship. Contracted and worked directly with performers, graphic designers, sound/stage/signs/print/decorations vendors. Recruited and organized volunteers. Promoted and marketed Colourfest 2010/2011. Wrote all radio spots, e-blitz and promotional print materials including custom newspaper articles. Managed the event, all meetings and communications.

Result:  Attendance doubled increasing revenue for tourism-based businesses in Haliburton. Festivals & Events Ontario awarded Colourfest — Best Promotional Campaign and Best New Festival or Event.

Reviews: “The Best Colourfest,” The Haliburton Echo. “Colourfest outstanding success,” County Voice. “An outstanding success. Local promotion was fantastic. We were sold out Oct. 1 – 3 and are happy to advise that 100% of our guests attended Colourfest! All reports were excellent. We have many re-bookings for next year and hope that this will be an annual event.” — Dale and John Rider, Owners, Buttermilk Falls Resort, Algonquin Highlands, ON ” “The event was a big success for a number of reasons but two in particular need to be recognized. First, Event Coordinator, Jerelyn Craden, did a superb job putting everything together and, secondly, she attracted a large volunteer base to assist with the numerous activities.” –– Andy Campbell, General Manager, Haliburton County Development Corporation

LAUNCH OF NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES  (B2B & B2C)  —  Branding, creative concepts and messaging for print, radio, direct mail, web, video, media releases, speeches, marketing plans, all collateral. General meetings, conventions, trade show presentations, designated product launches, award galas, exhibits. Fully comprehensive: script to screen and everything in-between. IBM, Hewlett-Packard, BMC Software, AMD, Kodak, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Bell Canada, New York New York Hotel & Casino, Astra-Pharma, Sears Canada, Patient News Publishing, Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre, among numerous others.ADVERTISING — Creative writer and producer of print & radio ads, direct mail, web content, e-blitzes.

REQUESTS FOR PROPOSALS — Successes include BMC Software, Sunrider Herbal, IBM, Mutual of Canada, among others.

PUBLISHING — Blogging, direct mail,  industry-specific newspaper, magazine, e-zine & newsletter articles; press releases, brochures, and web content.

Contact Jerelyn Craden at:



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