I am…

…alive and well and happy to be connecting with YOU.

For over 20 years I’ve been writing, developing and delivering brand and human interest stories for television, radio, print, and live events. Finding fresh ways to engage past, present, and future customers to ride the wave of change and “stick with the program.”

Also, years of experience as an on-camera and live Presenter, Voice Talent, and Writer, has given me additional insight and skill in crafting and presenting brand concepts and campaigns.

What’s your brand story? Does it inspire buy-in? Loyalty? Sales?  

As Event Developer/Coordinator/Writer, and Marketing & Advertising Writer, I’ve worked with top agencies, organizations, and companies in North America including:  Jack Morton Worldwide, TBA Global, PGI, Caribiner, Carlson Marketing Group, Meloche, Encore Productions, Asterix Productions. Union Pacific Railroad, Sunrider Herbal, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Astra-Pharma, Toyota, Hyundia, Kia, Bell Canada, Royal Bank, BMC Software, Pfizer, Hyundai, Kia, Bonnie View Inn, Pinestone Resort, Haliburton BIA, among others.

Awards include: 2012 Festivals & Events Ontario awards (for 2011) chosen from 1,000 festivals/events in the province: Colourfest –Best Promotional Campaign, Best New Festival or Event. ACTRA award for Best Television Variety Writer for the adaptation of my original stage musical, “Clowns.” NCRA award: “Programming Excellence” for my comedy radio show, “Fireside Stories from Lake WhaddyathinkImean,” (creator, writer, producer).

Broadcast writing credits include: sitcom and family adventure: Hangin’ In, Danger Bay, Flappers, Dear Aunt Agnes, Live Wires (CBC, CBC/Disney, TVO), the U.S. animation series, “Silverhawks,” and “Thundercats” (Rankin Bass, New York), and the comedy radio series, “Fireside Stories from Lake WhaddyathinkImean” (CanoeFM).

SEE SAMPLES OF MY WORK: print and broadcast campaigns, live events, trade show presentations, speeches, and direct mail.


As owner-operator of Bonnie View Inn – a landmark resort in Haliburton Highlands since 1924 – I knew that Jerelyn Craden was the right person to help us strengthen our brand and get us back on track during an economically challenging time. And I was right. We now have a thoroughly comprehensive creative marketing plan designed to build and sustain customer loyalty and set us apart from other lakeside resorts. This includes an inspiring tagline, mascot, new logo, a working philosophy, strategically scheduled advertising and promotional campaigns, onsite brand enhancements, and additional brand-tailored website content. Plus, working with Jerelyn was fun, fast, and exciting. — Andrea Hagarty, Owner & Operator, Bonnie View Inn, Haliburton Ontario

Click on Writing Excerpts (to your right/below) and see excerpts from my ACTRA award-winning CBC Television special, “Clowns,” excerpts from the Rankin Bass animation series: “Thundercats” and “Silverhawks,” plus live corporate events and trade shows on YouTube.

For published feature articles and columns send a request to: onesmartmarketer@yahoo.ca

Or, contact me so we can start turning your brand story into customer engagement, loyalty, and sales.

Jerelyn Craden — onesmartmarketer@yahoo.ca


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